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Vehicles of various models have always been popular in movies. Four-wheel drive gave it all-weather capability - handy in this damp and pleasant land - and our V-Spec models were also equipped with ATTESSA-ETS-PRO, a system which switched drive to whichever of the four wheels most needed it, correcting the car if it skidded from its intended line.

For braking, the GT-R50 features Brembo six-piston front and four-piston rear brakes with bright red calipers. To find out, we interviewed two R32 owners and spent the day with Sean Morris, the director of Toprank International Vehicle Importers in Cypress, California, one of the nation's leading importers of GT-Rs and other Japanese performance cars.

Comprehensively covers the industry with features, test drives, car show reports, technology and safety updates, motorsports, and a car buyers guide. You do not have any saved cars at this time. Another R32 GT-R enthusiast is James Chen, the owner of Axis Sport Tuning and Axis Wheels in La Habra, California.

Sports cars generally require some contortions to get in and out of, but the GT-R is as easy to navigate as a typical coupe. Although many argue that the Nissan GT-R's acceleration figures are unachievable, we've managed 2.9sec in a MY12 car tested at Phillip Island, so 2.7sec claimed with the MY13 and MY14 models is by no means a far stretch.

The GT-R's rear fascia has been extended at the sides to accelerate air away from the back of the bumper, helping to pull hot gases away, to cool the exhaust. The Nissan Skyline GT-R is currently owned by Munich-based car restoration firm GT-A. Twin turbos strap to its engine, and that power spins out through a dual-clutch transmission to all four wheels through an exceptionally quick-acting all-wheel-drive system.

As an engineering exercise, it's an amazing achievement, and as a driver's car it's one of the very best. Standard all-wheel drive joins with a standard rearview camera, which the GT-R really has needed since its roof pillars limit rearward vision. Power out of a tight corner Nissan Skyline GT-R and you can feel the GT-R's electronics let the tail of the car drift wide before directing power to the front wheels, pulling the car back into a straight line.

Lamphear's car came to the U.S. through a private broker, and it's pretty stunning, a high-mileage chassis with an upgraded interior and track-ready chassis tuning, plus a low-mileage, tricked-up engine. This was the car that shifted her focus, leading to the purchase of her first R32 GT-R and a new passion for all-wheel-drive, inline-six drivelines.

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